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Architectural Design. Methods: measurements, photo documentation, feasibility studies, plans, elevations, sections, models, 3D-visualization, supervision.

New constructions. Create innovative and functional solutions relative to the surrounding context.

Renovation. Buildings and historic houses.
Restyling. To update the image of the space and make it a modern. 

Usually requires few target changes.

Landscape design. Complete design of green spaces, gardens, roof gardens, urban furniture. Professional assistance. Collaboration and information help customers to understand all phases of the works execution.




Interior Design

Interior and details. Methods: measurements, photo documentation, space analysis, 3D-visualization, plans, elevations, sections, selections of materials, colors, furniture, supervision.

Living spaces design. Make your home comfortable expressing the client’s tastes and desires.

Commercial design. Create fashion spaces and inimitable interior solutions to make your business unique. Stores, hotels, restaurants, sample apartments.
Lighting Design. Complete design of lighting equipment.

Sound and Acoustic Design. The best technologies for the sound.
Procurement. Furniture choice. The selection is made according to your preferences and the style of your interiors.

Furniture, kitchen, wood paneling, shelves, racks, equipment, lighting, and much more for you.
Art Advisor. We help to select artworks to complete individual image of the space through our partnership with the best art galleries.

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